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How much retirement income will you need?

 Is your retirement account protected from Market Loss?  Let us show you products that can shield your savings in the event of a market downturn.  Retirees should have a variety of sources of income, in case one revenue stream dries up.  This diversification of income can protect you from outliving your retirement savings.   Let us show you how to create an income stream to assist you during your non-earning years. The one thing people almost always forget to plan for is a chronic illness, and it can be debilitating to both yourself and your finances. Our products help protect against such calamities. 

Estate Tax Planning

Do you have a Will?

 A will is not just for the rich, no matter how much or little money you have, a will ensures that whatever personal belongings and assets you do have will go to family or the beneficiaries you designate. Are you familiar with the probate process and your estate tax liability?  The laws of estate taxes are always changing and it's important to know how they apply to you so that you don't leave a large tax liability for your loved ones when you die. Let's sit down and assess the size of your taxable estate so that our attorneys can put together a custom tailored plan to lower your estate tax liability as much as possible. 

College Savings

Do you know what it will cost for your child's education?

The College Cost inflation rate is 5% annually.  This can add up by the time your child is ready to attend college. Have you taken the time to sit down and calculate the best way to pay for your child's education?  A college education and beyond can be the fundamental cornerstone of a person's career and/or life.  Let's sit down and put together the right plan to make sure your child is prepared to succeed! 

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